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What it is and why it is important

The basics of how and why I do this

What can I do to help?

Annotated examples of my work

Articles and comments on designing for real people

A few design ideas that are up for grabs

datapanik is me, Adam Smith, a freelance interface designer and usability specialist. I focus on user centred design for a variety of situations including application software, new media, and Web design.

I'm always interested in hearing from others who are engaged in - or simply interested in - usability, user interface design, embedded and ubiquitous computing, or any of the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) related fields. Please feel free to email me at your convenience.


User Centred Design
Now is an important time in the evolution of computer technology and how we design it. We are moving out of the era of novelty and starting to see interactive systems become part of people's everyday lives. This section contains some of my thoughts on what user centred design is and why it's important.

Design Philosophy
This explains my attitude towards designing software and other interactive systems.

This section is an introduction to the kinds of things I can offer you, including:

  • interface design
  • assistance with user centred design efforts
  • usability consulting
  • workshops and seminars

Rather than show you high level screen shots which won't mean a lot to you if you haven't worked with those apps, I've extracted a few details from some past projects and annotated them to explain what made them special.

Articles and Resources
Here I've started to list some articles I've written on the subject of user centred design, usability, Web design, and other issues. You'll also find my bio there.

Free Ideas
These are some simple new ideas and design improvements for existing things. They're small details that I think would make life a little easier. Feel free to take them and use them if you can.


Adam PW Smith
Live Event Photography.

If you're looking for the photography Web site, it's here.

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